Online Monitoring

The ability to take action immediately in the event of errors, quickly change the current settings, if necessary, monitor the performance of each device. Watch the work of all your devices in real time.

Content Plan

Plan ahead of time the broadcast of media according to your content plan. You can publish special media on certain dates and days of the week, choose a specific time of day for a unique publication or playlists.


Widgets setting allows you to set the clock and weather information for the convenience of viewers. Add your own logo to widgets for certain devices or to all your devices, this will help memorize your company.


Create your own unique playlists by grouping videos on topics. Adjust the video sequence for a particular device or all devices. Your playlist will be saved in your account for future use.


The established order of the playlist will ensure the broadcasting of the video sequence without thematic repetitions. When using promotional videos, competing media will not follow each other thanks to the shuffle function.


Using a variety of video materials for each type of campaign in different locations, combine them into special playlists. Create an unlimited number of video sequences for all kinds of devices. Continue to manage all devices from one account.