Digital Signage Software in Restaurant

Geoscreen allows you to place screens in cafes and restaurants. Broadcast promotional videos of your partners, monetizing your business. The attention of the audience to the electronic signage will be attracted by a colorful menu with current offers. Mouth-watering photos and description of dishes will stimulate the choice of guests when you set it up on the digital signage software in restaurants.

Get rid of the need to constantly print costly posters and leaflets. Install small tablets at the checkout, which will help you navigate and visually illustrate the top positions of the menu. You can adjust the automatic price change and the appearance of special offers and actions depending on the time of day, for example, the translation of "business lunches" only from 12:00 to 15:00, which provides everyone with a way to see the changes through the use of the digital signals software in restaurants.

The original solution will be the publication of screenshots and video calls of your visitors from social networks. On large screens broadcast entertainment programs, clips, thematic videos, news programs, movies. Add some commercials to the content. Place several screens in one institution or a set of screens in a branded restaurant chain. Manage the system from one device, while updating information on all connected screens.